Support - your family's continuing need for assistance
How will I pay my bills on my own and still be able to support my family?
The State of California uses a computer program to calculate child support that will be
paid from one parent to the other.  There are many factors which affect the amount of
support to be paid, including where the children live primarily (custody) and how often
they see the other parent (visitation).  The Court must follow the calculated (guideline)
child support generated by the computer; however, this is not the case with spousal
support Orders.

During the first year or so following separation, both parents experience financial
hardship as they readjust their living situations and complete the divorce process.  The
Court will often make Orders for temporary support that is usually higher than the
"permanent" support paid after the divorce is final, but this is not a guarantee.  It is best
to consult with an attorney to more fully discuss how support is calculated and what
your personal situation is to help you prepare for this eventuality.
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