Dispute Resolution:  knowing when to put the gloves down
Mediation, or alternative dispute resolution, is the process whereby the
parties (that's you), work together with either their attorneys or a neutral
third person to resolve the conflict that exists between them. This process
can be much less expensive and more productive than filing paper after
paper and requesting endless hearings in an attempt to try to make the
other person do what it is that you believe they should.

While we wholeheartedly understand and agree that it is often good to
have a Judge make hard decisions when the parties are stuck, it is also
true that you are the best "judge" on the topic of your life and your
children, and any agreements that can be made outside of Court are often
as, if not more, successful than those made during the stress of a hearing,
because the parties involved have had the opportunity to air their
grievances in a safe setting, and come to the best resolution for their
particular set of circumstances.  Our firm is committed to offering you a
choice of paths towards the goal of settling your differences in a manner
that best supports your family.