The process of separation and divorce can be very painful
for everyone involved.  Remember, it is not just you that is
getting a divorce, but your children and extended family as
well.  Thus, feelings will be hurt on both sides, often leaving
you with the feeling of being trapped in the middle of a
battleground without support of your own.  While your
situation may seem dim right now, rest assured that, with
time, things do settle down in your life, and you can recover
and move forward.

   With that in mind, I'd like to take this opportunity to invite
you to find a support group to assist you through the
process.  While it is true that you may need legal counsel,
you and your family should also consider meeting with a
therapist to talk about your life as you move forward, and
make solid plans for your future.  

   There are also many support groups in your area and at
your church, including, I hope, DivorceCare, which is a
support group that meets for 13 weeks to assist you
through the difficult emotional processes that you are
experiencing.  If you do not have a DivorceCare group that
you are aware of in your area, feel free to contact me directly,
and check out the DivorceCare link on this site for more
Divorce - the process of beginning again
Starting Over - finding your new path
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